mass lottery to end instant replay program

Exploring more efficient, cost-effective ways to help curb instant ticket litter and encourage recycling

The Massachusetts State Lottery today announced that it will not continue its “Instant Replay program for the 2007 season.

The Lottery recognizes that the anti-litter program produced remarkable results since its inception in August 2004 - collecting and recycling over 337 tons of instant tickets - but in order to best serve the needs of communities and also Massachusetts taxpayers, the organizations anti-litter efforts must be refocused.

The Instant Replay program served as a viable and manageable method in reducing instant ticket litter and increasing recycling efforts in the Commonwealth when it was initially introduced, but over the past three years has grown significantly in size, scope and cost.

For each fiscal year since Instant Replay began, the Legislature has appropriated $100,000 in the state budget to provide for the programs administration. The Lotterys recent analysis of the program shows that the overall cost of administering it at the present state far exceeds the allocated amount and expenditures will only continue to rise with each redemption event.

The public response, amount of tickets redeemed and amount distributed more than tripled with each year of the programs existence. What began as a grassroots, community-based clean up initiative has escalated well beyond the original intent and is currently costing the Lottery over $1 million a year to fully operate.

“The Lottery is committed to continuing its anti-litter efforts, and is currently exploring more efficient and cost-effective ways to help curb instant ticket litter from the streets and storefronts, said Lottery Executive Director Mark Cavanagh. “Engaging in partnerships with municipalities, enhancing existing regional programs, and implementing programs at the retailer level are some of the concepts currently being considered.

The Lottery expects to announce future anti-litter programs, which include national, state and local partnerships, in the weeks to come. In addition, the Lottery will be working closely with the over 7,100 agents who sell Lottery products to incorporate a stronger recycling message and methods to encourage recycling.