How to play EZMatch

Winning Numbers - 2020-12-31
13 14 19 20 32

Next Jackpot is estimated at $200,000

How to play Fantasy 5
How to win Fantasy 5
How to play EZMatch
How to win EZMatch
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Draw DateNumbers
2020-12-3012 17 22 30 32
2020-12-292 27 28 31 35
2020-12-283 4 7 10 31
2020-12-274 9 21 34 36
2020-12-2624 25 27 29 36


You can Win up to $500 Instantly!

With EZmatch™, you can add instant fun to FANTASY 5®! Just choose the EZmatch play option, for an additional $1, for a chance to win cash instantly. EZmatch offers players the chance to win up to five times on a single FANTASY 5 EZmatch ticket – making FANTASY 5 the Lottery's "winningest" game! To play, pick up a FANTASY 5 playslip at an authorized Florida Lottery retailer. Each playslip contains 10 panels (A-J), allowing you to play up to 10 plays per drawing (one play per panel). In each panel:

1. Play FANTASY 5 as you normally would, by selecting five numbers from 1 through 36 or marking the QUICK PICK box in each panel.

2. Select EZmatch ($1 per play) in any or all of the panels that you have selected FANTASY 5 numbers for play.

3. Give your completed playslip and payment ($2 per panel - $1 for FANTASY 5 and $1 for EZmatch) to the retailer. For each panel with EZmatch selected, you will receive a separate ticket with your FANTASY 5 and EZmatch numbers. Please check your ticket(s) before you leave the store. You are responsible for the accuracy of your ticket(s).

FANTASY 5 tickets with EZmatch cannot be cancelled.

4. Match any of the EZmatch numbers with any of your FANTASY 5 numbers and win instantly!

If you claim a prize on a winning FANTASY 5 EZmatch ticket before the applicable FANTASY 5 drawing on the ticket has occurred, you will be issued a continuation ticket for the FANTASY 5 drawing with the same play numbers as the original ticket.