Latest Lucky 4 Life Lottery Results for Saturday November 7 2015

Winning Numbers - 2015-11-07

Next Jackpot is estimated at $2,000

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2015-11-04 LB
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Introducing CTs new draw game, the top prize is up to $2,000* a WEEK 4 LIFE!

If you don not win the top prize, there are seven other ways to win prizes from $4 up to $10,000 on every ticket! Paid weekly, Lucky-4-Lifes top prize is guaranteed to be paid to winners for a minimum of 20 years ($2,086,000 minimum).

How to Play

When you have decided what numbers you want to play, fill those numbers in on a Lucky-4-Life play slip. For $2, mark 4 (Green Ball) numbers between 1 and 39 in the top section of the play area labeled "Pick 4". Then, choose one more number between 1 and 39 from the "Pick 1" (shaded) section as your (Gold) Lucky Ball number. (This number can be the same as one of your original four numbers.) Or, just ask for a "Quick Pick" and let the computer pick your numbers for you. Each Lucky-4-Life play slip contains 5 separate $2 plays. Play one board for $2, for up to eight chances to win. Or, play all 5 boards for $10!

IMPORTANT: Review your play slip carefully before giving it to the retailer to purchase your ticket. Verify your tickets at time of purchase. Lucky-4-Life tickets cannot be canceled and all sales are final. Place your name on the back of your ticket immediately to establish ownership.

Advance Action

Never miss a drawing! Just fill in the "Advance Action" YES box on your play slip then play up to 26 drawings in advance. Get 26 Advance Action plays for the price of 25! Select your own numbers or have the computer randomly pick them for you. Complete only ONE board per play slip for Advance Action purchases. Advance Action is NOT a subscription plan; players are responsible for checking their own tickets.

Match Prize Odds
4 + LB $2,000 a week for LIFE 1 in 3,207,789
4$10,000 1 in 84,416
3 + LB $500 1 in 22,913
3 $50 1 in 603
2 + LB $70 1 in 899
2 $4 1 in 24
1 + LB $10 1 in 123
LB $5 1 in 61

*Overall odds are 1 in 14.4. Top prize values subject to "split-prize" liability, and may be lower than shown. See Official Game Rules. Purchasers must be 18 or older.

Minimum top prize payment period is 20 years. Top prize amount shown based on one winner. Top prize values governed by "split-prize" liability; the top prize is divided equally among all top prize tickets, and may be less than shown. In cases where there are 8 or more top prize winning tickets, the minimum top prize for each ticket is $250 a week for life. If a winner dies before the minimum top prize is paid, the heir/beneficiary will receive the remaining prize payments. TOP PRIZE 4+1 EXAMPLE:

1 top prize ticket = $2,000 a week for life 2 top prize tickets = $1,000 each a week for life 8 or more top prize tickets = $250 each a week for life

Pursuant to the CLCs Rules of Operation, when there are multiple claimants of one winning ticket in a lottery game with a prize designated as payable for life, they must designate a natural person whose life shall determine the duration such prize shall be paid (i.e. designation of measuring life). This person must be a US citizen, must have attained eighteen (18) years of age and must be included among the list of multiple claimants. Designations of measuring life must be notarized and, once made, shall be final and irrevocable.

$10,000 4+0 prize value guaranteed to 10 winning tickets. In cases where there are more than 10 4+0 winning tickets, the total prize liability is $100,000 divided equally among all 4+0 winning tickets.


10 winning tickets: $10,000 per winning ticket 13 winning tickets: $100,000 13 = $7,692 per winning ticket 100 or more winning tickets: $1,000 per winning ticket

The CT Lottery reserves the right to cancel or suspend any drawing or game, prize structure or frequency of drawings in accordance with established game rules.

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